What we offer you

  • Good news of everlasting life, available only through the Lord Jesus.
  • A warm and friendly welcome.
  • A deep love for Jesus Christ, and a desire to introduce people to Him.
  • In-depth study of, and practical help from the timeless truths of God’s
    Word. This is a major feature of our services.
  • Our genuine friendship.Harrises-on-farm
  • A creche for your baby or
    toddler. The room has a window
    into the auditorium and a
    speaker so you can enjoy the
    service while your child plays or
  • A quality Sunday School for
    your primary-aged child
    Sundays at 10am, held
    simultaneously with the Ladies & Teen Girls Bible Class, as well as
    the Mens & Teen Boys Bible Class.
  • Morning tea on Sundays from 10:40am until the main service at 11am.
  • Time-honoured hymns of the faith cherished by God’s people.
  • Freedom from a denomination (we’re independent).
    Confidence in your King James Bible. It is the one trustworthy Bible
    on which you can build your life and your home.
  • Free consultation where the Bible will be applied to your problem,
    need, relationship, finances, etc. We also offer premarital training,
    parenting training and baby dedications.
  • An annual World Evangelism
    Weekend where you can
    meet modern-day
  • A place to call home. We’re
    a church family that will
    encourage you, assist you
    and pray for you as you walk
    the journey of your life.

Baptist Church

22 Bong Bong Road (next to Dapto Station)
02 4262 8700 • www.icbc.org.au

We Care About You!

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